Accidents Caused by Icy Roads
By Sykesville Fire Department
January 11, 2017

This morning at approximately 5:30 am, Medic 128 and Engine 124 responded to a pedestrian struck on Bartholow Road just West of Route 32. Units arrived and found a two vehicle accident with one patient laying on the ground. While crews where attending to the patient on the ground it was learned that the vehicle the patient was driving had slid on the icy roads and ended up on the concrete median. The patient then exit the vehicle when another vehicle lost control and hit the subject.

The medic crew after evaluating the patient request aviation to fly the occupant to Baltimore.

While still on the scene another vehicle lost control on the icy roads and hit a curb after just missing the ambulance.

The patient was packaged and transported to Liberty High School where the helicopter landed.

2nd Accident

Crews also responded to a second accident at approximately 6:50 am on Route 32 just South of Springfield Avenue. A single vehicle slid off of the road due to the icy conditions. One subject was evaluated by the Medic crew.

Units: Medic 128, Engine 124, Chief 12, and Trooper 3