Carnival 2018
By President David Kreimer
June 3, 2018

The Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department's annual carnival will take place Saturday, June 16 through Saturday June 23 on the fire department grounds on Freedom Avenue.

Food stands open at 6PM each night, with the rides opening at 7PM. The SFDFD Auxiliary will offer full meals inside Legacy Hall from Monday, June 19 through Saturday June 24, beginning at 5:30PM. Fire department-operated food stands include the pit beef, ham and turkey stand, pizza stand, funnel cake stand, ice cream stand and soda stand.

Saturday June 16th : music by Midnight Run - $25 wristband ride all night

Sunday June 17th : music by DJ Colin Clark - $ 15 wristband ride all night ( Dads ride free)

Monday June 18th : music by Doug Lester $25 wristband ride all night

Tuesday June 19th : music by Full Effect $20 wristband ride all night for one low price $20

Wednesday June 20th : music by Richie Fields $20 wristband ride all night for one low price $20

Thursday June 21st : music by Cruise $20 wristband ride all night for one low price $20

Friday June 22nd : music by Problem Child $25 wristband ride all night (FIREWORKS) rain date June 23rd

Saturday June 23rd : music by Maple Creek Outlaws $25 wristband ride all night, $6,000 Raffle Winners will be announced at close

Come out and enjoy delicious food, great family entertainment and exciting rides, and support your local volunteers. We look forward to seeing you there!