Fireplace Fire in Sykesville
By Firefighter/EMT Bill Flanagan
November 17, 2019

The Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department was alerted at 7:10PM for a reported house fire in the 6600 block of Slacks Road in Sykesville. First reports from fire dispatch advised that fire was coming out from the fireplace.

Duty 12, Chief 12-1 and Engine 124 quickly arrived with Tower 12 and Rescue Squad 12 following shortly afterward. Engine 124’s crew was able to contain the fire to the fireplace using portable fire extinguishers while Tower 12’s crew with Chief 12 inspected the roof and chimney for obstructions and other debris.

The fire crews removed the logs and ashes from the fireplace to the outside driveway where further extinguishment was performed. Rescue Squad 12 went to work to vent the remaining smoke from the house.

Units: Engine 124, Tower 12, Rescue Squad 12, Medic 128, Duty 12, Chief 12, Chief 12-1
Mutual Aid: Winfield Engine 141, Gamber Engine 131, Baltimore Count Engine 461, Howard County Engine 31, Command Support 13