Working House Fire in Woodbine
By Firefighter/EMT Bill Flanagan
March 26, 2020

Box alarm 12-04 was sounded at 10:18 am on March 26, 2020 for a report of a house on fire in the 7400 block of Old Washington Road in Woodbine. Units from Sykesville, Winfield, Lisbon, Glenwood and West Friendship were on the initial dispatch. The first responding units called for a tanker task force based on the initial call reports of a working fire. The working fire was soon confirmed by an off-duty firefighter who was first on the scene and reported heavy fire showing from the front of the house.

First arriving units on the scene also reported heavy fire from the front and the rear of the house. A defensive fire attack was implemented as the structure was too involved with fire and to risky for fire fighters to enter. On scene reports indicated that the house was under renovation. Efforts to contain the fire were also hampered by two large propane tanks that were next to the house as well as two sheds. Crews quickly started applying water to the tanks to cool them down and to keep the tanks from rupturing. Water was also applied to the large sheds to keep the fire contained to the house. Crews also worked to extinguish the house fire. Additional crews responded from Mt Airy, Reese, and Libertytown to assist with the fire.

The area did not have fire hydrants and water supply for the fire was established at Old Washington road and the river at the Howard County line. The river water for the firefighting efforts was shuttled in by multiple fire tankers. Police were called for traffic control on Rt97 due to the amount of fire apparatus on the scene and for the tanker efforts to bring water to the fire. Rt97 was briefly shutdown during this time.

The roof of the house collapsed at 10:41. The fire was under control by approximately 11:30 am. The Maryland State Fire Marshall and BGE were called at 10:42am. Sykesville’s Deputy chief reported that the house was a total loss. The two propane tanks did not rupture, and the two large sheds were saved. No injuries were reported. The Maryland State Fire Marshal's office is conduction an investigation.

Units: E123, E124, TO12, M127, RS12
Mutual Aid: E131, HE31, HRE4, HTT13, HWS3, CS14, Duty14, Hdty4, HWS42, HET44, TT1, TT14, BR95, E142, E141, HM135, R1, FBR175