Sykesville Assists Baltimore County On 3rd Alarm Fire In Reisterstown
By Fire Captain Tim Deklau
July 19, 2023

Just after 9:15 pm on 7/19, Tower 12 was alerted on the second alarm to assist Baltimore County Fire Department in the 11000 block of Reistertown Road for a commercial building fire in auto parts store.

While Tower 12 was enroute, a "mayday" was declared by one of the units on scene. Luckily crews were quickly able to locate and remove the injured firefighter from the building.

Once the "mayday" was declared, a third alarm was dispatched alerting engine 123 and 124. Which responded quickly after dispatch. Along with the on duty CCDFEMS career staffing, a total of 10 volunteers responded to the incident.

After the "mayday" was declared, the decision was made to evacuate the structure and go to defensive operations. Multiple ladder trucks were set up along with portable master streams.

Upon arrival, Tower 12 was assigned to assist with Baltimore Truck 18 at the front of the store. Engine 123 helped supplement the rapid intervention team while Engine 124 supplied water to Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company Truck 2 for ladder pipe operations. Crews operated for approximately 4 hours before returning to service.

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